Jim Howard

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

 When you get down to it, a few common elements surface. Much of the content is based on my life, observations, and my sketches. I attempt to abstract my ideas down into something that is easily communicated. I believe this stylization is why I have recently made a connection between cut-paper and digital illustration. I have found an interesting connection between the flat, 2D vector shapes of computer drawing software and paper. This combination and simplification of shape continues to inspire me.


Humor and graphic wit are important to me. I try to include them in everything that I do. I'm not a shocker nor a propoganda-pusher. I make use of what I have...wit, humor, sarcasm, and handsomism.


I find influence from everywhere. Sometimes the inspiration is in context with my current task, sometimes it I see on a drive to work or at market. I am inspired by each experience of my life and I am quite thankful for it.


I believe that my work and process can be described, but not completely defined. This because, by the very nature of my design process, it is constantly changing and evolving. I envision it as an unending song that continues to play throughout my life and my work. Do you hear something?

I am my art.