Jim Howard

•• ARTIST ••

When you get down to it, a few common elements surface. Much of the content is based on my life, observations, and my sketches. I attempt to abstract my ideas down into something that is easily communicated.


I'm interested in telling stories...visual stories. Also, humor and  wit are important to me. I try to include them in everything that I do.


I find influence from everywhere. Sometimes the inspiration is in context with my current task, sometimes  I see on a drive to work or a walk through the market. I am inspired by each experience of my life and I am quite thankful for it. I get distracted at times but I wouldn't change a thing. I'm observant and I'm inspired by the world around me.


I believe that my work and process can be described, but not completely defined. This is because, by the very nature of my design process, it is constantly changing and evolving. I envision it as an unending song that continues to play throughout my life and my work. Do you hear something?

I am my art.