choice skateboards to feed your soul.

Who? What? Where?


CHOICE Skateboards began as a small side project and over the past 15 years has grown into an independent skateboard company. All of the menu references are meant to make you hungry...hungry for a custom, limited release skateboards.


CHOICE is actually one man...designer, illustrator, educator...Jim Howard. Jim hails from Red Lion, Pennsylvania. That's close to York, Pennsylvania. He's a dedicated artist, teacher and freelance. This is just one way he expresses himself.




If you like what you see, let us know. If you like us, please like us on Facebook. If you don't see what you're looking for, drop us a line and we will consider your concept. One-off custom decks start at just $50.00



Limited production and custom skateboard graphics. We have no team, no CEO, nothing but stickers and custom (tasty) skateboard graphics.


The decks themselves are powerply shapes but the art is all hand drawn and then assembled. Careful packing with low shipping costs means that the deck you see is the deck that you receive.


Our Process:

While screen printed heat transfer is the standard for most production, we use a single sheet of vinyl with a clear vinyl topcoat. Sure, the graphics will wear once you've ridden your deck but this is no different when you ride a heat transfer or screen-printed deck. If you have questions about our process, Just ask.


Our promise:

Satisfaction guaranteed. (that's a period at the end of that statement. It's guaranteed.





Stumbled, or more like fell over into this place around 1am one night. I needed a remedy. No WAY was I about to go shop at a big mainstream skate site like a rookie, nope! SO I ordered an Old School Skater.


When I was finished I stood up from my chair and WHAAAM! I felt like I had just ingested raw energy! It was incredible, I don't think anything else could have changed my night around so drastically.


Bookmarked for my next trip into the cyberspace.


-Hans Z., New York NY



The size of the business is on the small side. The atmosphere is dark and smells of burger waft throughout....getting hungry yet?!


The boards are nice mellow shape and of high quality. They are similar to the Powerply.


The onion rings were definitely the winner over the fries and the veggie fries. Good service from Jim who was attentive and talkative. Solid place overall and on par with any other retailer but high marks for the detailed and quirky graphics.


-Schimdt, Our Fair City, MA



Driving through from the South on our way to new york. This place has great skate decks, the best beer batter fries and a wide variety of home made BBQ sauces! The Age of Enlightenment is my favorite. SPREAD THE WORD!


-Deb D., Charm City MD


Wow...what a gem.

I had the Old Skool Twos. The art was so fun and detailed...something that you don't find often. The design was big and meaty and not too stringy.  The homemade textures were just right and applied when the meat was put on the grill to mix it up.  This was great so as not to make the pork too soupy on the bun.  The coleslaw was just perfect was a nice mayo sweet and tangy base which is just like it should be.  You should definitely give it a try!


-Horatio D. Lancaster, PA