Jim Howard

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Exhibition History


Splinter Cellar

Tröegs Brewing Company Gallery

July 2018– July 2019


Collaboration with Bob Ressel of Lancaster, PA


The winning entry was created by Jim Howard and Bob Ressel of nearby York, PA. Jim teaches art and graphic design, and Bob teaches woodshop and engineering. They’ve collaborated on hundreds of projects over the years, but according to the longtime friends, this one was the most personal. Here’s what they had to say:


“We love Tröegs beer and make regular pilgrimages to the brewery,” said Jim and Bob. “Inspired by the spirit of Tröegs and its community, we created this piece. The Splinter Cellar represents the essence of experimentation and collaboration. What better way to use our talents than to craft a work that exemplifies this concept?”


Jim and Bob re-created the exterior of the brewery using 6-pack cardboard from a variety of Tröegs favorites, including Mad Elf, Nugget Nectar and Hop Knife. Through the cutout panel of windows and set back a couple of inches are 14-inch renditions of our 21-foot tall wood-aging foeders that the artists crafted out of corrugated caseboxes and strips of aluminum cans.


“We are so thankful that our local beer is also our favorite,” Jim and Bob said. “Our Splinter Cellar was crafted carefully and thoughtfully, leading to a deliciously tasty piece.”



Oz Gallery

April 3, 2018–

April 29, 2018


My illustration, Mansplaining Mansplaining was chosen for this juried exhibition in Thornton CO!


9209 Dorothy Boulevard

Thornton, CO 80229





verb informal


It’s what occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone (especially a woman) about something he has incomplete knowledge of, with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he’s talking to does.


“The First 100 Days: Artists Respond”

Apr 2017 – Apr 2017

Houston, Texas

My illustration, Yo! Not so Silent was chosen for this juried exhibition in Houston Texas!


Join the voice that will be heard on Trump’s 100th day as president. April 29, 2017 is when both sides are going to acknowledge their progress. On that day, artists should have their voices heard by holding exhibits, shows, reading, performances, etc. This is the time for artists to reflect on what is happening in the world using their art!


Parliament x Collusion Tapworks Beer Label

Mar 2017 – Mar 2017

York, PA

Project description

I created labels for the Parliament x Collusion Tapworks Beer Label contest. Three of my designs were chosen as part of the top twenty! Although I didn't win, I'm proud of my work.


Monster Drawing Rally 2016
Dec 2016 – Dec 2016

York, PA


Project description

2016's Rally was super More than 45 participating artist will create their artwork right before your eyes! Spacious new venue at Marketview Arts (37 W Philadelphia St, York, PA 17401), third floor ballroom. King Brät Gourmet Hot Dogs will have food and beverages available for purchase, including vegan and gluten-free options!


Decked Out 4:

Skateboard Art


October  2016

York, PA


I'm getting 'Decked Out' for this show at the Parliament Gallery, York PA. Art exhibition and silent auction that benefits the Reid Menzer Memorial skate park. This year's piece is called Boom Breakin' Attend, bid, and win!



Monster Drawing Rally

Featured Illustrator

Link: http://creativeyork.org/monster-drawing-rally/

November  2015

Monster Drawing Rallies were initially conceived by Southern Exposure in San Francisco, and have been recreated by nonprofit organizations in cities like Richmond, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and now YORK! Part performance, part art-bazaar, the Monster Drawing Rally offers a rare opportunity to watch artists work and then purchase their completed pieces!

York, PA


Decked Out 3: Skateboard Art (Link)

September  2015

Art exhibition and silent auction that benefits the Reid Menzer Memorial skate park. This piece: Derek Smalls sold to a local restaurateur.


York, PA


Decked Out 2: Skateboard Art (Link)

September 2014

I'm getting 'Decked Out' for this show at the Parliament Gallery, York PA. Art exhibition and silent auction that benefits the Reid Menzer Memorial skate park. Two pieces made the cut and both sold!

York, PA



April 2014

Inspired by the smart phone, the explosion of social sharing websites, and photo- editing applications – Insta-Artist invites smart phone users to submit their best photos taken by a cell phone and edited through Instagram or any other phone photo-editing app. I am pleased that I have a photograph exhibited in this juried exhibition.


LCAA National Juried Exhibition 2013

June 2013

Illustration was selected for the National Juried Exhibition,
 June 9 to July 18 2013
Strasburg , PA


Roco 6x6x2013 Show

June 2013

Five illustrations chosen for the
June 1 to July 18
Roco Gallery 2013 Show,
Rochester NY


YorkFest Juried Show at YorkArts

August 2013

An illustration was chosen by jury as part of YorkFest 2013,
Aug. 8 to Sept. 14 YorkArts Gallery, York, PA


Reid 360 Show(Link)

September 2013

Sept. 2013, Parliament Gallery,
York, PA


100 Miles of Illustration(Link)

October 2013

Oct. 2013, Parliament Gallery,
York, PA